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2W, W Series Twin Screw Pump, Crude Oil Transfer

Crude Oil Transfer Pump, Crude Oil Pump, Oil Transfer Equipment, Industrial Screw Pump, Fluid Handling Pump

Technical Parameters of Oil Transfer Equipment
Model: 2.5-15 to 6.1-64
Pressure: 0.6Mpa-4.0Mpa
Rotational speed: 720r/min-1450r/min

Description of Twin Screw Pump
Twin screw pump, a kind of external gear pump, has two well meshed screws for sucking and transferring oils. It can be broadly divided into sealing and non-sealing type. According to oil sucking way, it's further classified into single-suction and double-suction pump. When it comes to double suction and twin screw pump, the driving screw is driven by motor and then drives the driven screw via a synchromesh gear. A close contact and engagement with the pump body realizes stable running and high working efficiency.

Application of Twin Screw Pump
The crude oil transfer pump makes use of especially-designed screws and well-suited structure. In comparison to conventional pumps, Life screw pump is noted for its capacity of transferring diverse kinds of oils and adapting complex working situations. Extensive oil pumping applications are found in these following industries: petroleum, chemicals, metallurgy, iron and steel, power, shipping, pharmaceuticals, food and construction.

  • Liquid paraffin

  • Printing ink

  • Crude oil

  • Liquid asphalt

Major Characteristics of Crude Oil Pump
1. The oil transfer equipment provides stable transmission with no fluctuation, little vibration and low noise.
2. Endowed with a strong self-sucking capacity, it ensures an air content lower than 80% and sand content less than 500g/m3 in multiphase transmission.
3. The external bearing has an independent lubricating system, ideal for transferring various non-lubricating fluids.
4. By using the synchromesh gear, there is no contact between two rotors, enabling idling for a short time.
5. The fluid handling pump is appropriate to transfer low- and high-viscosity media with particles (Diameter: 0.12-0.2mm)
6. Carefully selected raw materials let our crude oil transfer pump applicable for many corrosive media.
7. The double-suction design relieves axial force from rotor.
8. Long service life, low leakage and wide application have been realized thanks to implement mechanical sealing.

Some Components of  Crude Oil Pump
We imported advanced machining machinery to process pump body to get reliable quality.
The synchromesh gear has a constant transmission ratio, precise, stable and highly efficient.

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Since our inception in 1998, Life has been working on the design and manufacture of industrial transfer pumps. With 18 years of technical expertise and practical experience, we are able to make a great number of premium quality transfer pumps which include: fuel transfer pumps, lube oil pumps, screw pumps, etc. In addition, tailor made oil transfer pumps are welcomed. Up to now, we have realized an annual production of 100,000 oil pumps, many of which have been sold to over 20 countries and regions, like the Middle East, U.S., Europe, etc.