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NYP Series Rotary Lobe Pump, Viscous Fluid Pump

Rotary Vane Pump, Positive Displacement Pump, Lobe Pump, Industrial Pump for Viscosity Fluids

Technical Parameters of Viscous Fluid Pump
Model: NYP0.78 - NYP1670
Rotational speed: 85r/min-1450r/min
Swept volume: 0.78L/100rev-1670L/100rev

Description of Viscous Fluid Pump
Rotary vane pump, a kind of positive displacement pump, makes a fluid move by trapping a fixed amount and forcing that trapped volume into the discharge pipe. The flow of pump only depends on the change of chamber volume and the change frequency, rather than the discharge pressure. While working, a pair of synchromesh gears drives a pair of rotors to simultaneously rotate at opposite directions. By doing so, the volume of pump has been changed; higher vacuum degree and discharge pressure have been achieved. This lobe pump is especially suitable to transfer hygiene-degree media and highly corrosive and viscous fluids.

Application Ranges of Viscous Fluid Pump
This heavy oil transfer pump has been widely used mainly in three kinds of media. (1) Fluids that are pure and have a certain degree of viscosity, such as lube oil and crude oil. (2) High-viscosity materials that contain no particles, like rubber, asphalt, paint, adhesives, dyes, lubricants, polyols, food and medicine. (3) High-temperature and high-viscosity polymers, like PA, PB, PC, PE, PS, HIPS, ABS, PP, PET and PVA.

  • Polyols

  • Asphalt

  • Adhesive

Attractive Advantages of Viscous Fluid Pump
The viscous fluid pump body and cover are both good quality and highly precise thanks to modern process and advanced precise-casting techniques.

We provide two kinds of sealing design. One is mechanical sealing, noted for zero leakage and suitable for lubricant media. The other type is packing sealing whose attractive characteristics include good elasticity, self-lubrication, abrasion resistance and high chemical stability. Clients can choose according to working requirements.

  • Shaft sleeve

  • Main shaft

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Since our inception in 1998, Life has been working on the design and manufacture of industrial transfer pumps. With 18 years of technical expertise and practical experience, we are able to make a great number of premium quality transfer pumps which include: fuel transfer pumps, lube oil pumps, screw pumps, etc. In addition, tailor made oil transfer pumps are welcomed. Up to now, we have realized an annual production of 100,000 oil pumps, many of which have been sold to over 20 countries and regions, like the Middle East, U.S., Europe, etc.

Viscous Fluid Pumping Applications