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    1. YCB Series Fuel Transfer Pump, Diesel Transfer Pump The fuel transfer equipment is appropriate to transfer oils that are not highly corrosive, contain no particles or fibers, provide a temperature lower than 80℃ and a viscosity between 5×10-6 and 1.5×10-3 m2/s (5-1500cSt), like diesel, gasoline, kerosene and more. For some corrosive oils, components made from 304 and 316 stainless steel are available. As for combustible and explosive materials, copper-made or nonmetal-made parts can be used.
    1. KCB Series Fuel Transfer Pump, Diesel Transfer Pump This type of oil transfer pump is ideal for transferring heavy oil, diesel, machine oil and vegetable oil that is non-corrosive, contains no impurities or fibers, as well as has a viscosity less than 150mm2/s and temperature lower than 120℃. The fuel transfer system is most often used in such industries as petroleum, metallurgy, mining and power stations for oil transfer, pressure boost, injection and circulation.
    1. YCB Series Lubrication Pump, Lube Oil Pump In oil transferring system, this grease transfer pump is usually utilized for oil transmission and pressure boost. In fuel oil system, it often works as a fuel pump for oil transmission and injection.In hydraulic transmission system, this gear oil pump offers hydraulic power. In industrial fields, it also works for transferring lubricant oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, to name a few.
    1. KCB Series Lubrication Pump, Lube Oil Pump This lubricating pump is intended for such media like heavy oil, diesel, machine oil, vegetable oil and other similar liquids. The media should be non-corrosive, contain no impurities and have a viscosity less than 150mm2/s and a temperature lower than 120℃.Applied for pressure boost, oil transmission, injection and circulation, this grease pump is widely used in petroleum, metallurgy, mining and power industry.
    1. SN, 3G Series Triple Screw Pump, Fuel Transfer Pump This screw type oil transfer pump is applicable for transferring media that are non-corrosive, lubricant, contain no particles, and have a temperature lower than 150 ℃ and a viscosity of 3-760 cSt. Most applied fields are fuel oil, hydraulic engineering, heavy-duty machinery, shipping, offshore engineering, printing, chemical engineering and petroleum.
    1. SN, 3G Series Triple Screw Pump, Lubricant Pump Developed for oil transmission, this lubrication pump has a specific requirement for media. For example, the temperature should not be higher than 150 ℃. The viscosity should be 3-760 cSt. The media should contain no particles and be non-corrosive. Applications are found in hydraulic engineering, fuel oil transmission, heavy-duty machinery, shipping, offshore engineering, printing, chemical engineering and petroleum.
    1. 2W, W Series Twin Screw Pump, Crude Oil Transfer The crude oil transfer pump makes use of especially-designed screws and well-suited structure. In comparison to conventional pumps, Life screw pump is noted for its capacity of transferring diverse kinds of oils and adapting complex working situations. Extensive oil pumping applications are found in these following industries: petroleum, chemicals, metallurgy, iron and steel, power, shipping, pharmaceuticals, food and construction.
    1. G Series Single Screw Pump, Viscous Fluid Pump This transfer pump for highly viscous liquid provides an output pressure of 0.6 Mpa, a water head of 60m and self-suction height of 6m, suitable for fluids with a temperature lower than 80 ℃ (150℃ can also be customized for special requirements). It's superior to commonly-used pumps while transferring high viscosity fluids or media with particles and fibers, thanks to the highly elastic and efficient stators.
    1. NYP Series Rotary Lobe Pump, Viscous Fluid Pump This heavy oil transfer pump has been widely used mainly in three kinds of media. (1) Fluids that are pure and have a certain degree of viscosity, such as lube oil and crude oil. (2) High-viscosity materials that contain no particles, like rubber, asphalt, paint, adhesives, dyes, lubricants, polyols, food and medicine. (3) High-temperature and high-viscosity polymers, like PA, PB, PC, PE, PS, HIPS, ABS, PP, PET and PVA.

Since our inception in 1998, Life Industrial Pump Co. has been working on the design and manufacture of fuel transfer pumps and lubrication pumps. With 18 years of technical expertise and practical experience, we are able to make a great number of premium quality industrial pumps which include: diesel transfer pumps, lube oil pumps, screw pumps, viscous fluid pumps, etc. In addition, tailor made transfer pumps are welcomed. Up to now, we have realized an annual production of 100,000 pumps, many of which have been sold to over 20 countries and regions, like the Middle East, U.S., Europe, etc.

YCB, KCB and 3G series oil transfer pumps from Life Industrial Pump Co. have been widely applied in the transmission of lube oils and crude oils. Our cooperative partners are Huangpu Shipyard, Ludong Shipyard, Wuchang Shipyard, Dalian Shipyard and Mawei Shipyard.

We have designed and produced fuel transfer pumps and lubrication pumps for many years. Our products have been utilized in petroleum, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and environment protection for transferring oils, sludge, chemical liquids, raw materials and other media.

Over decades of technical development, we have won the trust and reliance of countless customers. We will carry on perfecting our oil pumping products to reach ever-changing demands of the market.